Stanko's Main Coons


I shall startle no doubt if we ever meet in another life,

in the light of the distant world.

Stopping I will know your eyes, dark as morning stars

and know that they belonged to the forgotten twilght of a previous life.

I will say: The magic of your face is not only in them;

but has stolen the passionate light that was in my eyes at some immortal meeting,

and my love gave them the secret that is lost.

Stanko's Main Coon's is a program designated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption of Main Coon cats.

We recognize that Main Coons are very popular and desirable for adoption.

It's a little-known fact how difficult they are to rehome. Their connection to the humans is shattered by the act of abandonment and the emotional scar it leaves becomes a huge obstacle in their recovery. Some don't ever recover...

This program has been requested by Stanko.

And we will do the best we can to help as many cats that carry Main Coon genes as we possibly can.