Long term fostering program

What is it?

Long term fostering program is not much different from regular fostering.

The main difference is that the agreement is long term. Preferably for the duration of the cats' life.

We cover the medical expenses and you take care of food, cat and are rewarded by a great friend that purrs a lot.

Which cats are eligible?

The program is created for cats that have tested positive for FIV and our senior cats that need to be re-homed.

Adopting a cat positive for FIV presents a challenge because of the misconception that medical bills will become a problem at some point. We know it is not so. FIV positive cats can live a long, happy and disease-free life. To alleviate the concern we are offering to take care of medical expenses.
The only requirement is that the cat needs to see our vet and that we are the responsible party.

Senior cats have a lower chance of rehoming for the same reason.
We are willing to be responsible for their medical bills as long as they see our vet.

In the cat's biography, you would see the statement that it is available for long term fostering.


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