How does it work?

~ You foster a cat coming from shelter or street

~ Once cat is healthy and it has all the necessary medical  procedures it becomes available for adoption.

~ You might have started as a regular foster but the cat stole your heart and now you want to adopt.  

~ Or you start with the intent to adopt and need to foster befre the cat can undergo the medical procedures. This often happens if you are looking to adopt a young kitten.

~ As a foster you have  aright to choose first. Your  opinion and desires are highly appreciated.

 Adoption Fees

~ We would love to be able to wave the adoption fees. Unfortunately if we did we would not be able to save the next cat.

~ If you foster to adopt one cat or kitten adoption fee will be  discussed at the beginning of trail/fostering period.

~ If you fostered one cat and simply fell in love we still need to ask you to pay full fee.

~ For each additional foster that you do not keep we give you a 25% discount.